This manual has all the “blanks” filled in with red lettering for easier study.  Not only do the key words help readers understand the importance of particular statements, but this manual can be used for teaching others at home, in the classroom, and online. The information in this book is vital for gaining an understanding of the confusing politics dominating our nation today.

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A Glorious Standard for All Mankind

This book by Christopher S. Bentley quotes latter-day prophets about our revered Constitution.  A great guide and reference for knowing what they’ve said about its formation, its power, and its fulfillment of prophecy.  Find out what they said is going to become of it.  204 pages

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DVD — In Holy Places

This 30-minute DVD shows the beginning of the excavation at Beit-Lehi when Glenn Kimber took Kimber Academy students to the Holy Land to excavate and explore the site in about 2005 — commentary by the late Hartman Rector, Jr, Professor Joseph Ginat and archeologist Oren Gutfeld.


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The Travels of Cyrus

This manual is an excellent reference for Larry Hill’s classes “Our Fabulous Founding Fathers” and “The 5,000 Year Leap.” It is a supplement to the information taught in both classes and will enlighten any student about the exceptional life and travels of this great Persian Emperor who lived around the time of Lehi in the Book of Mormon.  Our Founders studied and quoted Cyrus, for he set up a kingdom that banned slavery, honored religious freedom, and wrote the first human rights charter.  Originally written by M. Ramsay in 1804 and printed in Paris, “The Travels of Cyrus” was reprinted by Textbook Publishers in 2007.  (120 pages)


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The Founding Fathers

OUT OF STOCK. This book is no longer available on this website.  Used copies can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon. This book is the text used for the Kimber Academy online class by Larry Hill, called “Our Fabulous Founding Fathers.”  258 pages, 5″ x 8″  Copyrighted in 2007, the softbound book is printed and produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, and is subtitled “The Essential Guide to The Men Who Made America.”

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I Love Music (Sheet Music)

This manual contains all the songs composed and written by Julianne S. Kimber for the Kimber Academy curriculum and classes.  Subjects are New Testament, Book of Mormon, Miscellaneous Fun Songs, and America / Constitution.  100 Pages

(Music CDs of “I Love America Songs” and “Book of Mormon Songs” are also available to download on this site.)


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KA Curriculum Sampler

This manual is an overview of all five core subjects, as taught in the Kimber Academy schools, and used by thousands of home-taught families.  Each section shows the layout of the pages from various manuals, outlining the intrinsic values as applied to each subject.  130 pages


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Most Treasured Lifelong Collection of Quotes

Author Larry Hill has compiled 324 pages of the most significant quotes from the most eminent men and women in history.  This book will be an excellent resource for preparing talks and also preparing our youth to live moral and prosperous lives by developing good character as well as a strong spiritual foundation. The wisdom of the ages is contained in this book.  Pictures of the authors are throughout.



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Bible Handbook of Liberty

This outstanding 2-volume handbook by David Cleon Skousen,  shows how the quests for liberty and freedom in the Bible have influenced the entire world’s history for over 6,000 years.  The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence are included, proving how these two inspired documents are Bible-based.  Perfect for your Bible study this year.  About 200 pages in each volume.


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Earth, In the Beginning…

This insightful book written by Eric N. Skousen traces the earth’s origins from long before it came into existence.  The author also examines the surprising and significant effects of the Fall on the earth itself.  For those who enjoy contemplating both science and revelation, this book will be extremely stimulating.  NEW 2021 fourth edition available.  About 400 pages


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Prophecy and Modern Times – Student Edition

Written by W. Cleon Skousen in the late 1930s, this well-documented manual clearly explains the future of America, Israel, and the world.  Can you pick out the prophecies that have been fulfilled since then?  Approximately 120 pages with left-hand note pages.


Joan of Arc CD

This 30-minute CD was narrated by Sterling W. Sills.  He tells the story of this remarkable young girl who had the courage to lead the French against the formidable English powers.  Also included is his talk entitled “Meeting Life’s Challenges.”


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Tools and Techniques of Effective Teaching

This 60-page manual comes with six CDs presented by Glenn Kimber.  Dr. Kimber covers a brief history of education and then presents educational techniques for parents and teachers that will enhance any classroom or family learning.  Includes the 5 R’s for Retention, how the brain works.  Manual is 60 pages; each CD approx. 1 hour.


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Days of the Living Christ – Vol 2 – Student Manual

Volume 2 of Days of the Living Christ by W. Cleon Skousen continues Jesus’s incredible journey through His last week of life on earth, His Atoning sacrifice, his suffering on the cross, and his triumphant resurrection.  His vital teachings and example will be life-changing for any reader.  Fill-in-the-Blank workbook, about 250 pages.


Tale of Two Constitutions DVD

This popular and vitally informative DVD is a presentation given by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber.  With this slide show presentation, Dr. Kimber explains what the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution should accomplish and then he shows specifically what happened that created a completely different Constitution — the laws which we are now living under in America.  The DVD gives the option of watching a shorter version, (also on YouTube), and a longer version of about 45 minutes.


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