Christopher Columbus — Man of Myth or Man of God?

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This enlightning manual explains in detail the life and accomplishments of the courageous explorer Christopher Columbus and his four different voyages to the New World.  Myths and facts are explained and documented.  (About 40 pages)

For over 500 years Christopher Columbus has been given credit for the discovery of America. Dozens of books and thousands of articles have been written about him. Every year Americans everywhere honor him on his own National Holiday, and year after year new films and documentaries attempt to tell of his life and accomplishments.

Others, however, call Columbus a wicked man who was only seeking riches in the New World, and who also introduced deadly diseases to the Indigenous peoples.  Yet Columbus remains to most people a “man unknown.” In this book Dr Glenn Kimber sheds light on this man — whether he should be remembered as an enemy or a man of destiny.

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