Experiencing the Panama Canal

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This manual, written and compiled by Glenn and Julianne Kimber, is used by Fun for Less Tours for their cruises to Panama.  It tells of Roosevelt’s involvement in the Canal, malaria that killed thousands, and who figured out how to make ships climb mountains.  Fascinating reading.  (148 pages)

Few Americans know that the United States gave away the Panama Canal four different times.  Now in the hands of China, this important passageway could be vulnerable to many international threats and issues.

Another interesting fact many do not realize is that the persecution of the Jews in the early 1900s was begun and perpetuated by the Canal’s hierarchy and their tie-in with the powers of Europe.  The politics of this amazing venture may be shocking.  Still, commerce continues for now, cutting through the tiny country of Panama, with more canals planned for the future.

There is more to the story than we know, which someday will be revealed.  This manual tells much of the documented history, but the story of the Canal leaves many people scratching their heads about its sell-out, its politics, and foreboding future plans.

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