I Love History -- 1800's: "Faith in Every Footstep" -- 10 Teacher Manuals

(Approximate) Ages 8-11


The I Love History 1800’s Set – “Faith in Every Footstep,” is a study of the growth, freedom and expansion in the world, America, and the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Ten Teacher manuals, each about 200 pages.


The Constitution made America the first free nation in modern times and the perfect setting for tremendous growth which resulted in an awakening throughout the entire world.

These lessons are organized into 10 decades (one manual per decade). Each decade is taught for approximately two or more weeks. The historical material is divided into three parts –

  • World Histor​y
  • American Histor​y
  • Religious History (with emphasis on the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the early 1800s).


Families who are not of the Latter-day Saint faith are free to study their own religion, its history and doctrine, during the third week of study.

Suggested activities, projects, and lessons are provided in the lessons to help the students comprehend the fascinating events of this period.

Following is a brief outline of each decade for the first half of the school year:

1800-1810 —

  • World — Napoleon, Beethoven, Chinese Manchus, Middle East Muslims
  • America — Thomas Jefferson–President, Lewis & Clark, the railroad; three new states added to the original 13 states
  • LDS Church — Family of Joseph Smith; Joseph is born in 1805



  • World — Europe unites, Schubert, Chopin, Bolivar and development of South America
  • America — Battle of Fort McHenry & writing of National Anthem, James Monroe president–Monroe Doctrine, five new states added.
  • LDS Church — Joseph as a boy, religious furvor in the east, Joseph’s vision in Sacred Grove



  • World — Mexico’s independence, Karl Marx and Communism in Europe, technology begins with the radio, railroads built in Europe
  • America — John Quincy Adams president, Erie Canal developed, photography developed, steam engines, locomotives, Missouri added.
  • LDS Church — Book of Mormon translated from gold plates given to Joseph by the angel Moroni, official organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1830.



  • World — African slave trade, musicians Liszt, Wagoner, Strauss, Palestine dedicated for return of the Jews, British establish Australia
  • America — Indian Removal Act — Trail of Tears, inventions of rubber, telegraph, gas refrigeration, lithography, two new states added.
  • LDS Church — Civil War prophesied, thousands of new converts in England, persecutions, Kirtland established, temple build & dedicated

Each decade continues with exciting, significant events summarized in each area of history.

A Student workbook may also be purchased as a companion to the manuals.

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