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Cursive Writing – Student Workbook

This student workbook is a guide for helping to learn — or improve — cursive writing.  It begins with basic strokes for dexterity and progresses to letter forms, first lower case then upper case.  Practice pages included.  (70 pages)



Cursive Writing – Teacher Edition

This manual is a guide for helping students of all ages learn or improve their cursive writing. An accompanying workbook for each student is also available. (About 60 pages)


Daniel Dawsen Student Activity Book

This book is a companion to the historical fiction novel “Daniel Dawsen — Son of Liberty.”  Contains activities and pictures to color/paint which correlate with the story of America’s earliest history. (approx. 85 pages)


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Earth, In the Beginning…

This insightful book written by Eric N. Skousen traces the earth’s origins from long before it came into existence.  The author also examines the surprising and significant effects of the Fall on the earth itself.  For those who enjoy contemplating both science and revelation, this book will be extremely stimulating.  NEW 2021 fourth edition available.  About 400 pages


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Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers – Volume 1

After reviewing the basics of math, students learn the principles of addition and subtraction, including “carrying” and “borrowing.” 96 Pages (Agest 5 – 11)


Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers – Volume 2

This math workbook presents basic principles of multiplication and division.  As with Volume 1, this book will help students understand that everything in the world and in the universe is patterned by God and His use of numbers.  They will practice thinking skills and self-govern with their own creativity.  Timed practice sheets help the students memorize the facts.   (Ages 9 – 12)  64 pages


Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers – Volume 3 – Fractions

How does Heavenly Father use fractions? You will be surprised to discover many scriptures that refer to fractions — such as a “third” of the hosts of heaven, found in the book of Revelation. With this fun new addition to our junior math program, the younger students will gain a full understanding of how and why fractions are used in mathematics. It begins with very simple examples, and progresses to applying fractions to money, time, and music with fun, hands-on learning exercises. Students make designs, cut shapes out of clay, add, subtract, and create with Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers — Fractions!


How and Why God Created Animals – Zoology

NEWLY REVISED AND UPDATED–2020!  Using this manual as a guide, students create their own science book by studying the five divisions of zoology outlined in Genesis of the Holy Bible.  Ages 10 and up.  (approx 100 pages)



How and Why God Created Plants — Botany

Students will go through a study of the ten kinds of plants, and have hands-on experience with each of them. The introductory material is a study of the basic element of most plants – seeds. (Ages 10 and up; 73 pages)



I Love America Songs Digital Download

(Included in the “I Love America” book) This CD has 15 songs which are featured in Volumes 1 and 2 of “I Love America.”

Written and composed by Julianne Kimber.



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I Love America Volume 1 – Parent/Teacher Manual

This book discusses nine major American holidays and incorporates games, songs, plays, coloring and poems for the younger ages.


I Love America Volume 1 – Student Workbook

This workbook is a companion to the I Love America, Volume 1 Parent/Teacher Manual, with games, puzzles, coloring pages, music and other activities to do during the various lessons.  (About 200 pages)


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