Daniel Dawsen Student Activity Book

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This book is a companion to the historical fiction novel “Daniel Dawsen — Son of Liberty.”  Contains activities and pictures to color/paint which correlate with the story of America’s earliest history. (approx. 85 pages)

Written for young people ages 10 and older (but also enjoyed by younger children and adults), the story of the fictional Daniel Dawsen is enhanced for students as they begin to feel the emotions surrounding the Colonies’ fight for freedom under the tyranny of King George III.  The activity book contains many activities, as well as illustrations to color or paint, which correlate with the story.

Students follow Daniel Dawsen as a youth, as a Son of Liberty during the Boston Massacre days, as a husband and father, as a soldier at Valley Forge, and with General Washington at various battles and events.  His adventures carry him to an unknown world that eventually leads him to the place he always wanted to be.

Written and illustrated by Julianne S. Kimber

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