Parent and Student Training Manual

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This packet is intended to explain to parents as well as students why the Kimber Academy curriculum is organized the way it is, and the most effective way to teach the main core subjects. It has 7 DVD training sessions taught by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber.

The first three sessions cover:

  1. The background of education in America
  2. The three cycles of education
  3. A explanation of what happened to the public education system that has made it so educationally ineffective today.

The four concluding sessions present some solutions to our current educational challenges. As you will see, each of the core subjects of Math, Science, Language Arts, and History have INTRINSIC VALUES which can enhance the lives of all learners. This new approach of emphasizing intrinsic values is designed to do three things:

  1. Develop the students’ academic skills to the highest level
  2. Increase the students’ spirituality
  3. Restore or enhance the students’ ability to lose themselves in the service of others.

The key message of this curriculum is: “To help students to value learning and develop a deep relationship with God, Family, and Country.”

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