Influence of Religion in America — Student Edition

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Ten hook-dates of American History show God’s hand in the establishment of this country, its downfall and its hope.  Fill-in-the-blank workbook, 185 pages.

This 185-page student edition of “The Influence of Religion” is a fill-in-the-bank workbook that includes the same information as the manual of the same name.  The ten major hook-dates summarize and explain the incredible miracles and events that proves God has led the people of America to greatness.  Students will see how the country has gradually turned downward, however, with political and radical circumstances which has led the general populace away from being a faith-based and God-centered community.  But they will learn that there is hope for our country as people turn to righteousness and a restoration of Constitutional principles based on the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers.

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