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Ten hook dates cover the period of American History, beginning with the Magna Charta in AD 1215, and ending with George H. Bush’s presidency in 1991. Because this information is so extensive and important to a student’s understanding of our American Heritage, it is recommended that this volume be studied for 20 weeks instead of ten. (About 250 pages)


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Ten hook dates cover the period of Middle Eastern History, from AD 33 – the end of Christ’s life, to AD 1991 – the Gulf War. Each hook date contains three historical events to study, and also includes activities and projects. This volume is designed to be studied for ten weeks, during the FIRST year, after studying the Old Testament Hook Dates.


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These new stories cover the same ten hook dates as outlined in Volume 1, and begin with the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.  (approx. 250 pages)


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Ten hook-dates of American History show God’s hand in the establishment of this country, its downfall and its hope.  Fill-in-the-blank workbook, 185 pages.


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This Parent Manual organizes the Book of Mormon with ten major “hook dates.”  By spending one week on each hook date, families can study and go through the Book of Mormon up to 4 times during the year.  There are games, songs, activities and role-plays for enhanced learning.  (Ages 4 – 12)  Downloadable songs included, and sent to your email.



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