Junior Science 1: My Body Is A Temple – Teacher Manual


New for ages 6 – 11. Parents and teachers can use this manual as a guide for teaching the basic concepts and principles of the human body from a child’s point of view.  NO sex education.  (283 pages)


Students create their own scrapbook showing different systems (kingdoms) of the body as  they learn them.  Parents can purchase the workbook offered, or let the students create their own.

In addition to the study of different kinds of cells, students have the opportunity to draw, color, cut out and paste pictures representing the eight systems of the body:

  • circulatory (heart and blood)
  • skeletal (bones)
  • digestive (stomach)
  • nervous (nerves)
  • muscular (muscles)
  • cleansing (bowels)
  • respiratory (lungs)

Discussion of the reproductive system is left up to the parents.  However, family life and parenthood are always shown in a positive light.

Scriptural insights, suggested songs, projects, and ideas for hands-on learning are included.

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