Junior Science 1: My Body is a Temple – Student Workbook


Students create their own physiology scrap book, with pictures and original drawings of the eight systems (kingdoms) of the body. Sex-education is NOT included.   Approx.  100 pages.


Students have the opportunity to draw, color, cut out and paste pictures of seven systems (kingdoms) of the body:

  • circulatory
  • skeletal
  • digestive
  • nervous
  • muscular
  • cleansing
  • respiratory

Discussion of the reproductive system is not included, as the authors feel this tender subject should be left for the parents to discuss at the right time.

However, a section on family life and parenthood is presented, always shown in a positive light.

Scriptural insights, projects, and ideas for hands-on learning are included.

Permission is given to copy the scrapbook pages for immediate family use.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .75 in
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