Daniel Dawsen - Son of Liberty (1700s)

(Approximate) Ages 8-11, Other Resources


This is a historical novel written by Julianne Kimber about Daniel Dawsen, a fictional boy who grew up during the 1700s in Boston, experiencing many events of the Revolutionary war.  Two volumes.


The story begins in 1760, when young George the Third of England has just been crowned King at age 22.

At first, people felt they would have a true and loyal ruler who -- unlike his father and grandfather -- would understand the ways of the English people. But, as the reader soon discovers, something goes very wrong.

11-year-old Daniel Dawsen, his sister Rebecca and their parents live in Boston, in the colony of Massachusetts.  The Dawsen family is about to be invaded by two ruthless British officers.  Daniels journey takes him through the Revolutionary War as a Son of Liberty, and his life takes him all the way to George Washington's inauguration in 1789 as President of the new United States.

It is hoped that through this historical novel, young people will learn of our country's history, honor the sacrifices of those who lived it, and  appreciate their heritage as free Americans.  Our youth may grow up defending those freedoms again.

This book will be revised in 2021 into two volumes and is a companion to "I Love America," Volume 2, as well as the history curriculum for young people -- the 1700s (9 teacher volumes).

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