(Approximate) Ages 12+


The intrinsic value for math is “learning to think and self-govern using correct principles.”  This student workbook contains 30 principles of algebra.  An introduction explains the basics of why algebra uses letters to represent unknown numbers.  Ages 12 and up.  (68 pages)



This method is different from other math books because students are expected to create and solve their own math problems. They can go as deep and difficult as they wish in order to challenge their understanding and knowledge of the use of algebra.

Also included is a page of 19 vocabulary words which are necessary to understand in order to perform algebraic equations.

This book presents BASIC algebra, and explains these fundamentals:

  • number line
  • signs
  • absolute values
  • signed numbers
  • positive and negative numbers
  • figuring formulas
  • variable expressions
  • how to work solutions to equations
  • and the order of operations

Several reviews and answer keys challenge the student’s knowledge throughout the book.


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