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5000 Year Leap – Softbound Book

Discover the 28 Principles of Freedom our Founding Fathers said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom. Learn how adherence to these beliefs during the past 200 years has brought about more progress than was made in the previous 5000 years. These 28 Principles include The Genius of Natural Law, Virtuous and Moral Leaders, Equal Rights–Not Equal Things, and Avoiding the Burden of Debt. (Approx 350 pages)



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5000 Year Leap Student Workbook

The 28 Great Ideas that changed the world are discussed at length in this fascinating principle-based student manual.  These true principles of good government will change your understanding of the Founders’ original Constitutional system.   Glenn Beck said:  “I beg you to read this book filled with words of wisdom which I can only describe as divinely inspired.  You will find answers to questions plaguing America, and most importantly you will find hope.”  (Fill-in-the-blank student manual –Approx 250 pages)


A Glorious Standard for All Mankind

This book by Christopher S. Bentley quotes latter-day prophets about our revered Constitution.  A great guide and reference for knowing what they’ve said about its formation, its power, and its fulfillment of prophecy.  Find out what they said is going to become of it.  204 pages

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The intrinsic value for math is “learning to think and self-govern using correct principles.”  This student workbook contains 30 principles of algebra.  An introduction explains the basics of why algebra uses letters to represent unknown numbers.  Ages 12 and up.  (68 pages)



America in History and Prophecy

This book covers America’s past and future — how Joan of Arc played a surprising role in America’s destiny, how Columbus’s contribution changed the world, and how prophetic statements about the exciting future of God’s “Promised Land” fulfilled what Benjamin Franklin called America’s “Manifest Destiny.”  Oriented towards Latter-Day-Saints. Thoroughly documented.  (66 pages)


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America’s Manifest Destiny

This manual presents the Founding Fathers’ beliefs in this great land and the principles they used to settle and establish our nation.  Dr. Glenn J. Kimber teaches a slide show presentation on DVD, which accompanies this Manual.


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Bible Handbook of Liberty

This outstanding 2-volume handbook by David Cleon Skousen,  shows how the quests for liberty and freedom in the Bible have influenced the entire world’s history for over 6,000 years.  The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence are included, proving how these two inspired documents are Bible-based.  Perfect for your Bible study this year.  About 200 pages in each volume.


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Business Math

The intrinsic value for math is “learning to think and self-govern using correct principles.”  This student workbook contains 37 principles of business math, and an introduction gives an explanation of how “business” works in different scenarios. (53 pages)



Catechism on the Constitution

332 Questions with Basic Answers every citizen should know about our Constitution.  1828 edition by Arthur J. Stansbury.  Fill-in-the-Blank with answers in the back.


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Cursive Writing – Student Workbook

This student workbook is a guide for helping to learn — or improve — cursive writing.  It begins with basic strokes for dexterity and progresses to letter forms, first lower case then upper case.  Practice pages included.  (70 pages)



Days of the Living Christ – Vol 1 – Student Manual

This student manual of “Days of the Living Christ” has been reformatted from the original book by W. Cleon Skousen.  It is designed to provide the student with an in-depth study of the life of Christ.  Answers to the blanks are in the back of the manual.   (324 pages)

Days of the Living Christ – Vol 2 – Student Manual

Volume 2 of Days of the Living Christ by W. Cleon Skousen continues Jesus’s incredible journey through His last week of life on earth, His Atoning sacrifice, his suffering on the cross, and his triumphant resurrection.  His vital teachings and example will be life-changing for any reader.  Fill-in-the-Blank workbook, about 250 pages.


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