The Real Thomas Jefferson

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“Jefferson is the central figure in American history, and … he may yet prove to be the central figure in modern history.” So stated noted historian Henry Steele Commager. The Real Thomas Jefferson lets you meet the man as he really was—rather than as interpreted by historians. The book tells much of his exciting story in his own words.

You will meet a man who—

  • Lost his wife when she was only 33, and lost four children before the age of three.
  • Created the masterpiece of his life, the Declaration of Independence, at the young age of 33.
  • Served as governor of war-torn Virginia and once escaped British capture by only minutes.
  • Was one of the geniuses behind the American Constitution, even though he was serving in France during the Constitutional Convention.
  • Was a true Renaissance man, skilled in farming, scientific experimentation, practical invention, economics, political philosophy, and statesmanship.
  • Nearly lost his first presidential election to Aaron Burr, a scoundrel who later may have committed treason.

The second part of The Real Thomas Jefferson brings together the most important and insightful passages from Jefferson’s writings, conveniently arranged by subject.

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