Tax-Exempt Foundations -- Student Edition

(Approximate) Ages 12+, Other Resources


This student manual is a fill-in-the-blank documented history of foundations which were deliberately set up by those who lost confidence in our Constitutional form of government to replace it with a New World Order.  (120 pages)


Between 1933 and 1953 a change took place in the United States which was so drastic it could be accurately described as a “revolution.”  It was during these critical years that the nation’s worst depression occurred and the American people became involved in a catastrophic world war.  Shortly afterwards they found themselves in a no-win “undeclared war” in Korea.  As crisis piled upon crisis, significant changes took place in the structure of American life.

With all these changes, the questions automatically arise — “Who was responsible for all of this?  Did the changes happen because of circumstance — or by design?”  A preliminary inquiry indicated that the main thrust was coming from several private foundations which had spent hundreds of millions of dollars in tax-exempt funds to promote textbooks and teachings which were “socialistic.”

In this book, students will get the whole picture — especially as they fill in the blanks to learn more thoroughly the plans being made for their future by these privately-owned foundations.  They will also learn that there are solutions to these problems in America today.


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