How and Why God Created Plants -- Botany

(Approximate) Ages 12+, Ages 8-11


Students will go through a study of the ten kinds of plants, and have hands-on experience with each of them. The introductory material is a study of the basic element of most plants – seeds. There is emphasis on Jesus Christ being the “Good Seed” from Whom all life emanates. Students create their own textbook as they do their assignments and research. After studying the plant kingdom, students are asked to answer the question: WHY did God create plants?

Students DEFINE, EXPLAIN, and ILLUSTRATE the major vocabulary words for each of the ten plant types. They then use religious writings or their scriptures of choice to study the spiritual use and symbolism of the kinds of plants God created.


(Ages 10 and up; 73 pages)

The ten types of plants and the major vocabulary words in this guidebook are:

The Study of Primitive Plants

The Study of Ferns

The Study of Herbs

The Study of Grasses

The Study of Flowers

The Study of Fruits

The Study of Vegetables

The Study of Shrubs

The Study of Trees

The Study of Weeds

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