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This book by Christopher S. Bentley quotes latter-day prophets about our revered Constitution.  A great guide and reference for knowing what they’ve said about its formation, its power, and its fulfillment of prophecy.  Find out what they said is going to become of it.  204 pages

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This book covers America’s past and future — how Joan of Arc played a surprising role in America’s destiny, how Columbus’s contribution changed the world, and how prophetic statements about the exciting future of God’s “Promised Land” fulfilled what Benjamin Franklin called America’s “Manifest Destiny.”  Oriented towards Latter-Day-Saints. Thoroughly documented.  (66 pages)


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Written by W. Cleon Skousen in the late 1930s, this well-documented manual clearly explains the future of America, Israel, and the world.  Can you pick out the prophecies that have been fulfilled since then?  Approximately 120 pages with left-hand note pages.


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In 1939, W. Cleon Skousen wrote his first book by popular demand while living in Washington, D.C.  This reprint of the book explains what lies ahead in the latter days — much of which has already come to pass since its publication. Using the scriptures and the writings of church leaders, he discusses what we know about the final days before the Second Coming and the commencement of the Millennium. For those who have wondered what the future has in store for us, this book is fascinating reading.  120 pages


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