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Discover the 28 Principles of Freedom our Founding Fathers said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom. Learn how adherence to these beliefs during the past 200 years has brought about more progress than was made in the previous 5000 years. These 28 Principles include The Genius of Natural Law, Virtuous and Moral Leaders, Equal Rights–Not Equal Things, and Avoiding the Burden of Debt. (Approx 350 pages)



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The 28 Great Ideas that changed the world are discussed at length in this fascinating principle-based student manual.  These true principles of good government will change your understanding of the Founders’ original Constitutional system.   Glenn Beck said:  “I beg you to read this book filled with words of wisdom which I can only describe as divinely inspired.  You will find answers to questions plaguing America, and most importantly you will find hope.”  (Fill-in-the-blank student manual –Approx 250 pages)


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This simplified version of W. Cleon Skousen’s popular “5,000 Year Leap” is formatted into lessons for families.  It can be adapted to any classroom.  Each principle is put into simple language and contains stories, or songs, games, activities, and role plays that demonstrate each of the 28 principles of freedom.  Emphasis is on God, Family, and the Constitution.  300 pages.   Comes with a free pocket Constitution.  An activity book is also available for purchase.

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This activity book is organized into the 28 principles of good government.  Included are drawings to color, fill-in-the-blank pages, songs, diagrams and other activities to help children absorb the Constitution’s principles of freedom.  140 single-sided pages.  A parent manual for teaching the principles is available to purchase.

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