Days of the Living Christ – Student Manual

This fill-in-the-blank student manual of “Days of the Living Christ” has been reformatted from the original book by W. Cleon Skousen.  It is designed to provide the student with an in-depth study of the life of Christ.  Answers to the blanks are in the back of the manual.   (324 pages)

Hook Dates of The Book of Mormon, Vol 1

This is first of two volumes in a new in-depth approach to learning the Book of Mormon for older aged students (12 and up). Volume 1 covers five hook dates (2200 BC to 73 BC). Students go through both manuals three times each year. First time through: Fill in the …

Hook Dates of The Book of Mormon, Vol 2

This second volume covers the last five hook dates (64 BC to AD 421). Volume 2 completes the story of the Book of Mormon, and students can study it three times in a school years along with Volume 1. The Appendix includes answer keys to the fill-in-the-blank pages as well …

Hook Dates of the New Testament

This course is designed to help you launch into a life-time discovery of exciting history centered around the New Testament. Nearly 200 pages of valuable information have been compiled in this guidebook to help you in your research. Using a method originated by the renowned author and teacher, the late …

Hook Dates of the Old Testament and World History, Volume 1

Ten major hook dates, personalities and events are combined to cover Old Testament History, from Adam and Eve at 4,000 BC to Roman Rule in 163 BC.  (Approximately 250 pages)  

Hook Dates of the Old Testament and World History, Volume 2

These new stories cover the same ten hook dates as outlined in Volume 1, and begin with the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.  (approx. 250 pages)  

I Love History — 1800’s: “Faith in Every Footstep”

The I Love History 1800’s Set – (Ten volumes, one per decade)  “Faith in Every Footstep,” is a study of the growth, freedom and expansion in the world, America, and the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Each volume is about 200 pages.

I Love History 1800’s: “Faith in Every Footstep” — Student Workbook

This student workbook is a companion to the ten Teacher Manuals — I Love History — 1800s “Faith in Every Footstep.”  The workbook has activities, projects and information taught in the Teacher Manuals.  Over 200 pages.

Influence of Religion in America — Student Edition

Ten hook-dates of American History show God’s hand in the establishment of this country, its downfall and its hope.  Fill-in-the-blank workbook, 185 pages.

Influence of Religion in America –Hook Dates

This book is another in the hook-date series and presents the major events that shaped the religious values of America. In the recent past, leaders in America have lost confidence in the Founding Fathers’ morally based philosophies and have replaced them with atheism. This generation needs to know the story …

Junior Book of Mormon Songs Download

Eleven delightful songs describe the events of the ten hook dates of the Book of Mormon.  Words and music by Julianne Kimber, arranged and sung by Jeremy Threlfall. *** This CD is Included with the purchase of the Jr Book of Mormon Teachers Manual.

Junior New Testament Studies–Teacher Manual

“Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam – A study of the New Testament for Children.” In this manual you will find a unique and exciting way to teach Jesus’ teachings and His life to children.The lessons are based on a three-day a week schedule, and are designed to be approximately …

Peace at Christmas

Stories, Games and Activities all centered around the true meaning of Christmas.  Over 200 pages — all ages.

Teaching the Creator’s Art

This unique book for budding artists of all ages teaches art like our Creator — beginning with the six days of Creation as recorded in the book of Genesis.  (230 pages)  Digital and hard copy available.

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The Book of Mormon and Me — Student Workbook

This Workbook is a companion to the Jr. Book of Mormon Teacher Manual.

The Book of Mormon and Me — Teacher Manual

(Ages 4 – 12)  This Parent Manual organizes the Book of Mormon with ten major “hook dates.”  By spending one week on each hook date, families can study and go through the Book of Mormon up to 4 times during the year. A CD of the Hook Date Songs is included …